Commercial Steel Frames

Our specialty is commercial Metal Frames, and we can supply:
  • Cold Rolled, Galvannealed, or Stainless Steel (304 or 316)
  • 16, or 14 Gage
  • Face Weld, Continuous Weld, or Drywall KD
  • Double Rabbet (equal or unequal), Single Rabbet, Double Egress, Cased Open, or Customer
  • Door, Window, Transom, or Sidelite Frames
Commercial Steel Door Frames

The primary function of the door frame is to provide support for the door and the components required for proper operation of the opening. Hollow metal frames serve other aesthetic of functional purposes, such as trimming a wall opening having no door, or enclosing glazed areas that provide through-wall visibility or admitting light and/or air. Hollow metal frames, which are strong, sturdy and durable, serve all such functions economically. Custom hollow metal frames are available in a broad array of configurations.